XYZ…From Far Land

25 Dec

Isn’t ironic?

We always ignore the one who adore us

But we adore the one who ignore us

Isn’t funny?

We always love the one who hurt us

But hurt the one who love us

Isn’t weird?

In your mind … He/ She bothers your life like you said earlier

A monster when it comes face to face

What can we do as a human? We can only just walk the path which Alloh Ta’ala wrote

Is it troublesome for us to follow the Good thing from Alloh Tabaroka wa Ta’ala?

We asked for it isn’t? We said minimum 17 times in a day

“Ihdinash Shirothol Mustaqiim!!”

Alloh As – Sami’u always heard our pray, Alloh granted it…He/ She has been sent from Alloh

He/ She was the answer from our own pray, and we are the answer for their pray also

Oddly…we throw it all, we rejected it

Can’t we just be a grateful person for Alloh’s answer?

He/ She was sent to us to be our guide, the chosen one…from Alloh Jalla wa ‘Ala

NO!!! That was our answer with a fire in our mind and our heart

So…why did we pray “Ihdinash Shirothol Mustaqiim?”

So…what do we want actually?

Our noble intention like Alloh want…remain silent, deep buried

Days passed by, weeks passed by, months passed by, years passed by…

World and its life have made us forget our intention…

“Ihdinash Shirothol Mustaqiim!!”

We always said it in our sholat as a humble servant

Again…NO!! And don’t ever asked why from our first NO answer!!

Can we just ask to our self, which kind? Which type?

SEND it to Alloh in our pray!

Do we really know why Alloh always gave the best thing like Alloh want?

And why Alloh sometimes reject what the best thing like we want?

Because…Alloh wants us to live in the right track!

“Yaa Muqollibal Quluub…”

This is me….with my foolish mind, abandoning Your Laws

My good intention was left behind; the world changed me and made me forget it

Days, weeks, months, years are gone with full regret

Can I take back my NO answers? I’m too shy to ask it again to you My Robb…

We need a guide…a protector…a friend…in this short life


Just one answer…

A green light… a gate pass, to give him/ her for another chance

Because there are more chances have been given from Alloh for us, as a sinner…

To unlock our cold heart, a pass word to Alloh’s path


Because maybe He/ She…has a very far distance to us

But He/ She must has a same noble intention like we have

Can we give Yes for now?

Now He/ She has a long way to our home

Somewhere He/ She will come someday, make a story together, full of warmth from Alloh Ta’ala

If it’s still NO

Until then…

Until the sun no longer burns

Until the cold no longer bites

For you and I…

Is it very Difficult, ..-.?

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